I’ve Been Granted the Time to…

As sit on the couch after putting the boys to bed, it hits me that this Sunday night is so different from any I’ve experienced before. One week into social-distancing, it feels like it’s becoming heavier by the day. It used to be something we were warned about-the Corona Virus-but it hadn’t yet broken into our country. But with each day that passes, we hear of how it is attacking us more and more. Covid-19-a little more personal and a much bigger threat.

It’s attacking us hard! It’s attacking our sense of security causing many to stockpile items from stores. It’s attacking our economy shutting down many places of business and forcing layoffs. It’s attacking our neighborhoods closing schools. It’s attacking our families forcing many to scramble for childcare and/or work. It’s attacking our government, nationally and locally, scrambling to find ways to assist people. It’s attacking our healthcare system depleting necessary equipment and resources. And most importantly, it’s attacking our loved ones fighting to recover from a battle with the virus.

Today I read a social media post that a dear friend shared about her cousin (young and healthy) who is currently one of a few confirmed cases with Covid-19 in his county. It’s starting to hit closer to home. I, like many others, have family and friends on the front lines serving as the medical personnel testing and treating patients fighting this virus. It’s here whether we want to admit it or not.

While my family refuses to live in fear, we are taking this very seriously and staying home right now. And I will not let this time go to waste. I believe those of us who are lucky enough to “stay at home” and teach our children or work from home have an obligation to make the most of this time. I believe we owe it to the medical professionals, first responders, city administrators, government employees, mail carriers and post office workers, military men and women, educators, staffs caring for those in assisted living and care homes, grocery store workers, farmers and agricultural workers, restaurant workers, truck drivers, janitorial staffs, gas station clerks, delivery drivers, and others who are working overtime to make our communities run right now. They don’t get to breathe and watch this all unfold. They’re in the midst of this battle trying to keep their head above water, and trying to stay healthy themselves.

Meanwhile, I have been granted the time to…

  • Spend extra time with my husband and boys
  • Bake
  • Go for long walks
  • Journal and write on this blog
  • Watch movies as a family
  • Eat meals as a family since my husband is not working late nights
  • Find creative ways to help the boys learn while out of school
  • Read
  • Play games
  • Be flexible with our schedule
  • PRAY

While it’s easy to feel inconvenienced at this time, I’m making an effort to give it to the Lord and accept this as a gift of time. Not rushed time, but time to slow down, be present, and be intentional. Because it has not been afforded to everyone, I will not let it waste away in vain when others are fighting for our health, safety, and well-being.

What has helped me keep my focus on gratitude? Constant prayer! God has opened my eyes to see that this time doesn’t have to be filled with to dos or strict schedules. Instead, I’ve been given the opportunity to engage with my family in real, intentional ways and I cannot let those moments drift away. God has also given me the opportunity to teach my sons how to depend on Him in all situations. My husband and I have been praying with them and having conversations about how this pandemic is affecting those near and far from us. We’ve had discussions about living simply and loving deeply. We are trying to model faith by not allowing panic, fear, or hopelessness to get a hold of us. I will never take these moments for granted!

So for those of you who are able to #flattenthecurve by staying at home right now, please join me in adopting an attitude of gratitude. Do not allow this time to be wasted! What are some things you have been granted the time to do right now? Pray for a perspective that not only honors God during this time, but that also honors those who are tirelessly working until this battle is won. If you’re feeling panicked or fearful, pray for God to give you a spirit of peace. And please, join me in prayer for our world during this unprecedented time.

To those of you who are not only putting in extra hours, but also putting your health on the line to work during this time, THANK YOU!  We appreciate you!